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Words, birds, and rocky beaches.

not jaded comes to you from a farmstead on an island in Puget Sound. Here you’ll read about my adventures in chicken herding, cooking from scratch, growing food, and being crafty.

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  1. Alexsandra permalink
    November 10, 2012 4:12 pm

    Hey there, loving your blog- we’re so on the same page –except I live several longitudes away- in the UK–and doing as much natural as I can from my little homestead here…You mentioned something-on someone else’s blog: Northwest edible life- in a discussion about fermenting vegetables. Something about larger ‘bungs’ (name previously unknown to me, too) that fit the whole mason jar without the wah wha lid she suggested there…I prefer your simpler suggestion, sounded perfect. Can you say where you got them please, I want to do it exactly like that, and maybe offer a picture or something, if you don’t mind. I’ll need to take it to the ironmongers and figure out what they call it….or order online.
    Hope you don’t mind me asking! Thanks for sharing yourself, really wonderful.
    All good wishes and regards

    • mjade permalink*
      November 10, 2012 7:04 pm

      Hi Alexsandra! There wasn’t a homebrew store near me, so I bought mine online:

      I also bought 3-piece airlocks from the same site. The stoppers fit a regular mouth mason jar (which have a 2 3/8″ diameter mouth according to Wikipedia). I would have loved to find something that fit a wide mouth jar, but I’m not sure if they make them that big.

      Best of luck!

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