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some recent finished projects

July 31, 2012

For all the time I spend knitting and crafting, you’d think I’d end up with more to show for it. And thanks to a few delicious weekend days lately when I’ve done nothing but craft, watch TV, and catch up on This American Life podcasts, I finally do. It’s easy to forget how many unfinished knitting projects you have hanging around until you’re able to finish three in one day! Here are a few:

big snowy owl
Yolanda, empress of the Snowy Owls

I have to admit, my main motivation for starting this project (Big Snowy Owl from the Purl Bee) was the fact that the finished product would be bigger than Roo. The finishing touches were painful because I only have smaller-sized DPNs and can’t justify buying bigger ones just for one project, but I’m glad I persevered. At least three members of our household (both human and canine) have fallen asleep using Yolanda as a pillow.

goofy hat

A goofy hat

“What’s wrong with your generation?” My dad asked recently. “All the boys have beards and goofy hats.” Never mind that there are some old pictures of him looking downright goofy in his youth! If only I had access to them at the moment… But anyway, the point of this story is that the hat that prompted this comment was Daniel’s Jayne Cobb hat, which he asked me to knit him for Christmas one year (here’s the Ravelry link, if you’re curious).

Now, the only episode of Firefly I’ve ever watched was the one where Jayne receives said hat, and that was just so that I could better knit a replica, so I wasn’t about to make myself one. But when I scored a skein each of teal and grey Lambs Pride Bulky at the Rotary Auction for a dollar, I couldn’t resist making myself a goofy hat from the same pattern. I think it will come in handy when I’m leading group hikes on gloomy days next year!


Hankies, hankies, hankies

And finally, a non-knitting project! Remember the striped fabric I scored at a yard sale and used to make a few salad spinning bags? Well, I should mention that those bags were just a secondary use for that fabric. In fact, I’ve used the bulk of it to make hankies. Lots and lots of hankies.

We’ve successfully weaned ourselves off paper towels and paper napkins, but were lacking in the handkerchief department. I’ve been meaning to make some for a while, but it took this year’s heinous allergy season to actually get me off my butt. And I’m so glad it did! I love how the red thread on the blue striped fabric reminds me of notebook paper, and the whole thing makes for a much classier nose-blowing experience, comparatively speaking.

Now that I’ve found the joy in finishing things, I can’t wait to tackle a few more projects. Next up? A knitting needle roll, striped wristwarmers, and this top (which I bought the yarn for even though I promised myself I wouldn’t until I finished a few more projects..) Guess I had better get started!

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  1. caityrosey permalink
    July 31, 2012 2:25 pm

    I’ve been seeing those knitted owls in knitting shop windows lately. Love yours. So would my cats. 🙂

    • mjade permalink*
      August 1, 2012 7:27 am

      Thanks! Now that I’ve finished it, I’m tempted to make a few different types of owls…

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