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Gettin’ crafty with seed catalogs

July 11, 2012
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bowl made from a seed catalog

I’ve always enjoyed looking through seed catalogs during the winter and early spring, but this year I really pored over them. I carried a stack from room to room with me like a student lugging textbooks, and even made a spreadsheet to compare prices and shipping rates between companies!

But even though I used them extensively, I still felt guilty for requesting so many. I know more and more seed companies are encouraging folks to download pdf versions of their catalogs, something I would certainly do if I had an e-reader. But since I stuck with paper, I vowed to get as much use out of them as possible and brought a bunch to the preschool where I work. Not only did the kids use the pictures to decorate paper crowns and adorable Father’s Day cards, but we also had some great conversations about gardening and vegetables.

I kept the nice glossy ones for myself, though, to make some coiled magazine bowls. I mostly followed these instructions, though there are plenty of other ideas and variations all over the internet. I like to use them as catch-alls around the house and I suspect they’d make great gifts!

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