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Introducing our chickens!

January 26, 2012

Have I mentioned that I have chickens? For a while, especially when they were fluffy and adorable, it was my favorite topic of conversation. How am I? I have chickens! How was my weekend? I hung out with my chickens! What’s wrong? I have chickens and haven’t built the coop yet!

Ruby in the snow!

Ruby in the snow!

Now some of the novelty’s worn off, but the eggs are coming steadily and I have to say, they’re making me proud. We let them free range as often as possible, so the yolks are carroty orange. These are the freshest eggs I’ve ever eaten, and I was surprised to learn that even the whites have a taste! And it’s good! So now, on to the ladies:

 Joan Jett is a black sex link, and she’s our most regular layer. She’s a little aloof, but is buddy buddy with Dorothy.

Cherie is a Plymouth Barred Rock, but I think she looks a little like a bear. She languished at the bottom of the pecking order for a while, but sporadic laying seems to have boosted her social standing. Cherie is also our most adventurous eater, and was the first to dig into the Jack-o-Lantern I brought home recently.

Dorothy at about 2 days old

Dorothy at about 2 days old. Adorable!

Dorothy is a Black Australorp and I have to say she’s kind of the favorite. She’s super smart and will jump into Daniel’s lap or onto his shoulder at every opportunity. As a chick, she had an adorable yellow chest!

Marilyn, our blondie, is a Buff Orpington. She survived a vicious Red-tailed Hawk attack as a pullet and I’ve seen her swallow a baby mouse whole.

Ruby, like me, is a Rhode Island Red. She and Marilyn are besties—a great arrangement for Marilyn, as Ruby currently rules the roost.

Oh, and I couldn’t forget to mention our single gent! Small Paul is a bantam rooster that came with the property. He’s hardly bigger than a robin and his truncated crow is an octave higher than the traditional cock-a-doodle-doo. This means he’s too small to harass the hens, but that Daniel and I look completely absurd chasing him in circles around the coop.

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