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brought to you by the letter P

May 31, 2009

What are the chances that two of the yummy new food items that K and I tried would both start with P?

I have always wanted to check out Piroshky Piroshky in Pike Place, but the ever present line out the door has kept me away. But finally K and I decided to brave the line because the smell of baking apples was too good to pass up. Amazingly, it moved so quickly that we barely had time to decide what to order!

I ordered a egg, spinach and cheese piroshky, K got one with potatoes and cheese, and we split a baked apple one for dessert. All three were delicious and were the perfect thing to much on while walking around the Market. Neither one of us had heard of a piroshky before, but these Russian pastries (not to be confused with Polish pierogies), get two thumbs up!

The next day, we continued our new food kick with dinner at the brightly colored Guanaco’s Tacos PupuserĂ­a in the U-district. Pupusas are Salvadoran corn biscuits filled with ingredients like cheese, beans, veggies, and meat. Mine didn’t come with the beans that I ordered (just cheese, squash, and spinach), but was good nonetheless. And we loved that the meal came with fried yuca, ensalada, and a sweet plantain empanada–all for around seven bucks! I think I’ll have to go back and try a pupusa with beans in it.

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